Visit the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center

Northwest Arctic Heritage Center
The Northwest Arctic Heritage Center in Kotzebue, Alaska

Photo Credit: Public Domain NPS/L. Jeschke

Information, Education, and National Park Rangers

The main point of contact for over 9 million acres of the Western Arctic National Parklands, the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center is what you may be looking for when in search of where to go, what to see, and what's so special about three national park units - Cape Krusenstern National Monument, Kobuk Valley National Park, and Noatak National Preserve.
Heritage Center exhibits of porcupine, caribou, and more.
A sample of exhibits to be seen at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center include porcupine, swimming caribou, and hanging muktuk.

Photo Credit: Public Domain NPS/J. Schock

Ranger Recommendation

If you may be considering a visit to Northwest Alaska the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center is the one-stop-shop for information and orientation of this remote area of parklands. Although trails and facilities are nonexistent in these National Park units, the Heritage Center offers informative exhibits, summer programs led by National Park Rangers, and documentary films to be watched while visiting Kotzebue, Alaska. Any questions? Call the ranger at the front desk at (907)442-3890.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
If your school or large group would like to set up a field trip please schedule one with our park rangers at (907)442-3890.
Accessibility Information
There are no trails at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center. There is a ramp leading up to the building and restrooms accessible to wheelchairs. There is a wheelchair available if needed. Service animals are allowed in the building.

Last updated: December 7, 2017