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Tidepooling at Bar Island

Acadia National Park

Two people on a sandy gravel area looking at the water

Acadia National Park

Yellow warning sign about tide changes
Don't get stranded on Bar Island! Check the tide chart and don't lose track of time when tidepooling.

NPS Photo/Lisa Girardin

Know When to Go

This land bridge is exposed at low tide. The opportunity to tide pool occurs between the window of time 1.5 hours before to 1.5 hours after low tide. It is best to start tidepooling before low tide and to leave as the tide is rising.

Before you head out to the intertidal zone on your own, check the tide chart for Bar Island.

Be cautious and aware of the tides, as the bar is otherwise covered by the ocean. If you walk over to the island and lose track of time, it is 9 hours until the bar emerges again to safely walk across.

Two people on a sandy gravel area looking at water
Visitors tidepooling off Bar Island

NPS Photo/Kat Connelly

Safety and Etiquette

  • Before exploring, wash off sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and bug spray.
  • Do not wade into the tidepools.
  • We are guests in these animals’ homes. Use a light step!
  • Leave the park as you found it. Never use force to remove anything.

Slow is the Way to Go

Step carefully and slowly. Seaweed is slippery, and rocks can be wet, loose, and/or sharp.

Protect Your Feet

Wear closed-toed sturdy outdoor shoes.

Eyes on the Sea

Keep a safe distance from the sea, and watch those waves.

Kids Stay Close

Small children should stay within arm’s reach of adults.

"Sea" a Whole New World

Get low, look closely and carefully, and have patience!

Last updated: August 25, 2020