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Tidepooling at the Schoodic Peninsula

Tide pools at Sundew Trail\'s Cobble Beach.

Exploring the Tide Pools at the Schoodic Peninsula

The Schoodic Peninsula is located in Winter Harbor, about an hour away from Bar Harbor. The peninsula is surrounded on three sides by rocky shoreline and provides many places for tidepooling. Please review the safety guidelines provided on this page before exploring.  

Know When to Go

This rocky tidepooling area is exposed at low tide. The opportunity to tidepool occurs between the window of time 1.5 hours before to 1.5 hours after low tide. It is best to start tidepooling before low tide and to leave as the tide is rising.


Before you head out to the intertidal zone on your own, check the tide chart for Schoodic Peninsula.

Wildlife Watching
Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. 
Although the activity is free, a park entrance pass is required for all areas of the park from May 1 through October 31.
Schoodic Peninsula
Spring, Summer, Fall
The best time to go is 1.5 hours before low tide.
Accessibility Information
Tidepooling at Schoodic Peninsula is not accessible. Most tide pools are located in uneven rocky areas and near the coastline that is slippery with algae.

There is a restroom available at Frazer Point. There are no restrooms available at Blueberry Hill or Sundew Trail.

Acadia National Park

Tidepooling Locations at Schoodic

Pier during low tide at Frazer Point
Pier at Frazer Point during low tide.

NPS Photo/Crystal Lewis

Frazer Point

Located on Schoodic Loop Road before the one way begins. To the right of the pier is a large tide pool that is easy to access and is exposed a few hours before and after low tide. You can walk along the coast to reach tide pools that are closer to the water. These are a little more difficult to reach and require walking on loose rocks and slippery brown algae.
  • Distance: 0.25 miles
  • Terrain: Right side of the pier: grassy lawn, sandy, loose rocks; left side of the pier: bigger loose rocks, uneven footing, slippery algae
View of Cobble Beach from Sundew Trail.
View of Cobble Beach from Sundew Trail.

NPS Photo/Crystal Lewis

Sundew Trail's Cobble Beach

Located at the Schoodic Education and Research Center. You can park in the Campus Parking Lot and walk towards the woods near the buildings to find the Sundew Trailhead. After a short walk (0.3 miles) on the trail, take a left to go down to Cobble Beach. Walk carefully on the slippery algae to reach small tide pools.
  • Distance: 0.6 miles round trip (to Cobble Beach and back) or 0.8 miles to do the whole trail
  • Terrain: Trail is easy and slightly rugged; loose rocks from trail to tidepool, uneven footing, SLIPPERY algae
Path to coast from Blueberry Hill parking lot.
Path from Blueberry Hill parking lot to the coast.

NPS Photo/Crystal Lewis

Blueberry Hill

Located on the outbound portion of Schoodic Loop Road. From the parking lot find the path that leads to the water. Be careful as you walk along the loose rocks. There are easy to reach tide pools along the bare rocks. Be careful not to step on the hundreds of periwinkles. You can walk along the coast to find other tide pools but they require walking on slippery brown algae.

  • Distance: 0.25 miles
  • Terrain: loose rocks, uneven footing, slippery algae
Rock covered with algae
Very slippery algae on rock leading to tide pools.

NPS Photo/Crystal Lewis

Safety and Etiquette

  • Before exploring, wash off sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and bug spray.
  • Do not wade into the tidepools.
  • We are guests in these animals’ homes. Use a light step!
  • Leave the park as you found it. Never use force to remove anything.

Slow is the Way to Go

Step carefully and slowly. Seaweed is slippery, and rocks can be wet, loose, and/or sharp.

Protect Your Feet

Wear closed-toed sturdy outdoor shoes.

Eyes on the Sea

Keep a safe distance from the sea, and watch those waves.

Kids Stay Close

Small children should stay within arm’s reach of adults.

"Sea" a Whole New World

Get low, look closely and carefully, and have patience!

Last updated: October 20, 2020