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Stargazing at Sand Beach

Acadia National Park

Saturn, Jupiter and Milky Way viewed from Sand Beach

Acadia National Park

Planets and Milky Way over Otter Point
Night sky view from Sand Beach

NPS Photo/Sardius S. Stalker

Enjoy gazing up into the cosmos nestled comfortably on a blanket on Acadia’s largest and very popular sandy beach. Visitors may explore Sand Beach at night, but camping or parking overnight are not allowed.

Sand Beach offers a comfortable night sky viewing experience with plenty of room to spread out and peacefully enjoy your stargazing. The view from the beach looks out at Old Soaker with Great Head on the left and Otter Cliffs on the right. In addition to enjoying the night sky, keep an eye out for bioluminescent plankton in the crashing waves.

For those interested in night sky photography, Sand Beach offers an incredible backdrop for photos of the Milky Way, Jupiter, Saturn, and more.

Safety First

  • Careful when navigating in the dark, especially when traveling over uneven or rocky surfaces.

  • Careful when stargazing on beaches or coastlines and avoid going in the water at night.

  • Nighttime in Acadia can get colder than you might expect, so bring layers to stay warm.

  • Mosquitos are common during summer months near water sources. Come prepared with proper clothing or insect repellant for the most comfortable experience.

Last updated: July 18, 2023