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Northeast Area: Remote Winter Recreation

A skier heads downhill on a steep snow-covered slope.
Backcountry skiing in the wilderness on the east side of Mount Rainier National Park.

NPS Photo

Do you enjoy vast stretches of unplowed roads and solitude in winter? If so, then a wintry visit to the park’s northeast boundary might be just the thing. Enjoy winter camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in this less-visited area of the park. Here, the roads are closed to vehicle traffic and facilities are closed through winter. There are endless opportunities for snowshoeing and skiing once there is sufficient snow-cover.

Start by following SR410 to its junction with the White River Road. Stay to the right to follow White River Road to the White River Ranger Station and beyond to the White River Campground or take one of the trails along the way. Another option is to stay on SR410 for a steep climb to the subalpine terrain at Chinook Pass, Naches Peak, and Tipsoo Lakes.

The 12-mile section of unplowed road from the north park boundary on SR410 to the White River Campground is open to snowmobiles. Access is limited to this section of roadway in this area of the park. Snowmobiles must stay on the road corridor.

In winter, SR410 is closed near its junction with Crystal Mountain Ski Area road, at the north park boundary. Parking is at Silver Springs Campground SNO-park located outside of the park off of SR410 on the road to Crystal Mountain. All vehicles must have a SNO-park pass or be subject to a fine. There is no parking between the road to Crystal Mountain and the park or at the entrance gate. Once inside the park, remember that you will be sharing the road with skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers. 

Self-registration is set up on the north boundary entrance arch bulletin board for wilderness camping. There is also a self-registration board set up at the White River Ranger Station for both wilderness camping and climbing.

Wilderness permits, required for all backcountry camping, and climbing registration cards are both available at the north boundary entrance arch on SR410.
Cross-Country Skiing
Pets are not permitted on trails at any time, or on roads closed to vehicles. This includes winter road closures. 
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Northeast Park Boundary on State Route 410
Accessibility Information
Roads and trails are unplowed in this area in winter and generally snow-covered. Facilities are closed. Service animals are allowed.

Mount Rainier National Park

Last updated: December 4, 2020