Bunker Hill: Muskets, Men, and Liberty

Two Park rangers dressed in period clothing, one has a musket to her side and speaks to the audience
A Park Ranger speaks about the Battle of Bunker Hill prior to a musket firing demonstration.

NPS Photo/Matt Teuten

Who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill? Listen to a ranger dressed in period clothing discuss why three men from different backgrounds stepped onto the battlefield. They each had different ambitions, motivations, and concerns. The program concludes with a musket firing demonstration!

This program is being run on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. (pending weather) through November 13, 2021. Programs are held outside the Bunker Hill Monument and last approximately 30 minutes.

To learn more about the battle, visit the Battle of Bunker Hill page. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Pets are allowed on-leash on the grounds around the Bunker Hill Monument.

NOTE: The loud noise from the demonstration may be uncomfortable for some pets.

Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
This program is held on the grass lawn next to the Bunker Hill Monument.

This program is usually offered during the summer and early fall.

This program is being offered on Saturdays at 11:30am and 2:30pm through November 13, 2021.

Accessibility Information

There is a ramp available to use to get to the top of the hill where the program occurs. Since this program includes a musket firing demonstration it is very loud and could be uncomfortable for people with varied hearing abilities.

Last updated: September 23, 2021