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See Madison Falls

A waterfall rushes over mossy rocks to a pond below.
Madison Falls is at the end of one of the park's most accessible trails.

NPS Photo / J. Burger

Madison Falls is a stunning 60-foot waterfall near the Elwha River. It's also one of the most accessible destinations at the park, making it a great stop for families and visitors of all abilities. 

Stop at the parking area for a great view of the Elwha River. The Elwha is the Olympic Peninsula's largest watershed, and home to salmon and trout. For millenia, the Klallam people relied on fish nurtured by the Elwha River watershed. But two dams on the river constructed in 1913 and 1927 were built without fish passage, meaning that thousands of salmon could no longer reach the Elwha Valley. After careful planning, both dams were removed in 2014. Within months of the dams' removal, salmon were spawning in the park for the first time in 100 years! See this impressive river and hear its rushing waters to experience the success of this restoration project.

Then, continue beyond the parking lot on a 0.1-mile, paved, gently sloping trail leading to Madison Falls. A bench at the end of this short trail provides a perfect spot to rest in the shade and take it all in.
5-15 Minutes
Front-Country Hiking
Pets are allowed on the short trail to Madison Falls. You must follow BARK Rules when bringing pets to Olympic National Park. Learn more here.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
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Accessibility Information
A gravel parking lot is located near the trailhead. An accessible vault toilet is located at the trailhead.

The trail distance is 0.1 miles, one way. The trail has a gentle slope. Elevation gain is minimal.

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Last updated: December 5, 2022