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Hike Ship Harbor Trail

Acadia National Park

Small harbor with rugged cliffs around edge
Ship Harbor

Acadia National Park

Harbor area with rugged cliff edges
Ship Harbor

Photo by Nathaniel X. Boëchat, Friends of Acadia, NPS

Located off Maine 102A down the road from Seawall Campground and Wonderland Trail, Ship Harbor Trail is a figure-8 trail covering 1.3 miles. It is a great trail for families and birders. Common loons, common eiders, great blue herons, black guillemots, ospreys and eagles have been seen here. A variety of habitats can be viewed along the shore, and there is access to a quiet cove and mudflats at low tide. Interpretive signs provide additional resource information.

Start by bearing right at the first junction. The trail will lead along the shore of a narrow cove. After passing the rocky headland, follow blue blazes on the rocks and turn right again. The trail continues through a spruce woods before opening up again and leading back to the parking lot.

trail profile
Ship Harbor

Note: Profile may not match route depicted on Maine Trail Finder

Trail Safety Tips:

  • Check trail elevation profile before hiking.
  • Rocks and roots can be very slippery when wet. Be cautious of footing, especially along the coast.
  • Reduce the chance of picking up ticks by staying in the center of the trail, and not stepping on soils and away from brush.
  • Always do a tick check after visiting the park.
  • Close-toed, good traction shoes recommended for better traction over unlevel surfaces.

Last updated: August 5, 2021