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Hike Gorge Path

Acadia National Park

Rock steps pass a small cascade in a forest
Gorge Path

Acadia National Park

Trail profiles for Gorge Path to Cadillac Mountain and Dorr Mountain
Top profile is Gorge Path to Cadillac Mountain; bottom profile is Gorge Path to Dorr Mountain

Trail Safety Tips

  • Check trail elevation profile or a topographic map before hiking.
  • Bring a map, water, snacks, compass, and extra layers for unpredictable changes in weather.
  • Reduce the chance of picking up ticks by staying in the center of the trail, and not stepping on soils and away from brush.
  • Always do a tick check after visiting the park.
  • Closed-toe, good traction shoes recommended because most trail surfaces are very unlevel.

Last updated: October 20, 2020