Bicycle the Northern Neck Heritage Trail

Two bicyclists ride along a path with a pond to the left.
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Accessible to a large portion of the population of the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, bicycling is a way to experience land- and waterscapes, historic towns and stories associated with the evolution of the Nation.

Duration depends on pace, ability, length of stops at points of interest, and whether one chooses to add additional miles and/or overnight stays by riding loops connected to the primary route.  One can easily spend 3-4 days in the region, combining bicycling with additional activities such as kayaking, wine-tasting and visits to historic sites and historic towns.  

Pets on bicycles?  Well, maybe. 

Fees for lodging. 

The Northern Neck refers to five counties in Virginia between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers. Within the region, this tour follows a major portion of the Northern Neck Heritage Trail Bicycling Route between Westmoreland State Park and Reedville, Virginia. 

But recommended for lodging at peak times. 

Last updated: February 6, 2018