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The National Park Service offers distance learningfield trips and curriculum materials in addition to accredited professional development opportunities for teachers.

The parks are America's greatest classroom, telling our stories, and conserving the best natural spaces the nation has to offer.


Coming soon in Winter 2014-2015!

Another resource for your classroom telling lesser known stories of Asians' and Pacific Islanders' experiences during the Civil War.

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image of Asian American from Civil War era

Explore stories of diversity in the Civil War

Engage your students in untold stories of American Indians' experiences in the American Civil War.

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image of American Indian

Catch NPS podcasts on iTunes U!

Teachers, educators, and self-directed learners can download or stream over 450 podcasts and video-podcasts from iTunesU.

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image of mortarboard hat with iTunes U text

Cash in on free lesson plans from the U.S. Mint!

The America the Beautiful Quarters® Program brings significant national sites to U.S. coins. Connect history to the coins in your students pockets.

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Picture of twenty-five cent U.S. coin

Teacher Ranger Teacher

The Teacher Ranger Teacher program offers educators a summer professional development experience learning new ways to use parks in the classroom.

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Image of circular Teacher Ranger Teacher logo with tree and book

Research and Learning Centers

NPS Research Learning Centers (RLCs) are places where science and education come together to preserve and protect areas of national significance.

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[photo] A scientist in red rain gear studies the contents of a screen with a lake and mountain in the background

Power up your energy literacy!

Whether you're a teacher, a student, or just looking to learn about energy, check out these educational resources from the Department of Energy.

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graphic with energy literacy information

Layers in Time: Interactive Distance Learning

Learn the geologic history of the canyon by investigating deposition, plate tectonics and the powerful force of the Colorado River (60 minutes)

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The Colorado River glimmers at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Explore the past through museum collections

Teaching with Museum Collections object-based learning emphasizes the links between the “real things;” - NPS collections and America's history.

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portrait of George Washington in military uniform

Last updated: February 18, 2015