Distance Learning

What are National Parks?

Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Social Studies
State Standards:
CO State Standards: RWC10-GR.5-S.1-GLE.1, RWC10-GR.5-S.1-GLE.2, RWC10-GR.4-S.1-GLE.1, RWC10-GR.3-S.1-GLE.1, RWC10-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2, SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2, SS09-GR.2-S.1-GLE.2, SS09-GR.1-S.1-GLE.2, SS09-GR.K-S.1-GLE.1, VA09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.1, VA09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2

The National Park Service, established over 100 years ago, strives to protect various resources in over 400 sites across the country. These resources are represented in the National Park Service emblem, which is proudly displayed on the NPS uniform, in Rocky Mountain National Park, and all park sites.

This program requires a pre-lesson to be conducted by the teacher prior to connecting with the ranger(s). In groups, students will research the symbols within the emblem and prepare a presentation to give to the ranger during the live program.

Participants: minimum of 5 students and a recommended maximum of 35 students.
Primary Disciplines: STEM, Sciences, Presentation Skills
Program Length: 45-60 minutes
Pre-Lesson: yes, attached below

How to Participate
Call the Education Specialist at 970-586-1338 to schedule a program. Requests are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Equipment Requirements
To connect with Rocky Mountain National Park you will need a stable internet connection, a web cam, and projector so the entire class can see the ranger on screen.


Follow this lesson plan to prepare for your live program with a Rocky Mountain National Park ranger.

Download What are National Parks? Teacher Lesson Plan

Last updated: December 1, 2021