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The Great Acadia National Park Scavenger Hunt

Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Science,Social Studies

Looking for a fun way to investigate the exciting places in Acadia? These scavenger hunts are largely self guided. Each hunt has been based around locations that are open and accessible in the winter. 

Each scavenger hunt is in the form of a "Bingo" sheet. Students can complete 3 in a row or can finish the full black out and then print their certificate of completion. The certificate is downloadable on this page. 

Some activities suggest taking a picture, this can be substituted for drawing or writing what you see.  

Safety: While all of these locations are generally open during the winter it is important to plan ahead and dress for the weather. Trails, waysides, and even roads may not be completely cleared of snow and may be icy. Watch your step and recreate safely.

We love to see your finished products! We will share them on social media or on our website. Any shared or scanned pictures sent to us, we assume have permission to share publicly unless otherwise stated.

Email your scavenger hunts or pictures to: ACAD_Education_Office@nps.gov


Download The Great Acadia National Park Certificate of Completion

Complete 3 in a row and print the certificate upon completion.

Download The Great Acadia National Park Scavenger Hunt

Last updated: January 5, 2021