Field Trips

Self-guided Field Trip of Andersonville

Grade Level:
Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Social Studies

Recognizing that not all visiting groups will be able to attend a ranger-led program, the park has developed the following activities to choose from when planning a self-guided field trip. It is the responsibility of the teachers and group chaperones to control student discipline and behavior. You are responsible for dividing and rotating your group among the activities you select during your visit.

Self-Guided Activities include:

  • Self-guided Museum Tour
  • Bookstore Visit
  • Use of Picnic Area
  • Prisoner of War Museum Activity Booklet
  • Civil War Prison Museum Activity Booklet
  • Museum Scavenger Hunt
  • Prison Walking Tour
  • Cemetery Monument Activity

To avoid "double bookings," field trips should be scheduled with the park. It is important to avoid double booking. Please use our Field Trip Request Form attached to our field trip planner to make a reservation and ensure that your visit will not conflict with other groups.

Logistics of Planning a Field Trip
Please read our Field Trip Planner or more information on planning a field trip to Andersonville. Please use our Field Trip Request Form attached to the field trip planner to let us know when you plan to come.

Be Prepared
Most school tours involve both indoor and outdoor activities. See the Plan Your Visit section for directions, operating hours, and things to know before you come. Curriculum materials may help you and your class make the most of your field trip.

Divide and Conquer: Suggested Large Group Rotations

A visit to Andersonville represents a unique opportunity to experience American military history. To aid both organization and to create an immersive experience you may consider a few simple steps to create a successful visit.

For groups 55-220 students

  1. Divide your group into 1, 2, 3, or 4 smaller groups, no bigger than 55 students per group. This helps to reduce stress on site resources and gives more space for exploration. Please see our sample group itinerary worksheets. 
  2. Give each group a name. These groups are "regiments." The name of each regiment can be something unique to your school, or you can choose a Civil War themed name. For example, Union states or branches of the military.
  3. Designate a chaperone as leader for each regiment. This is important so that we can identify a leader in case of emergency, and due to the fact that your groups will not be in the same locations at the same time. Please notify the park staff with how many regiments you have, their names and their leaders. This can be done when you file your itinerary with the front desk. See attached "sample itineraries."
  4. For certain activities, like the museum workbooks, you will want to break down your groups into even smaller units of 3-5 students. These are "companies." Students in their company can choose their own name. You will not need to identify companies to the park staff.
  5. Pre-visit activities can be found on the park website at You can also do things like creating regimental or company flag designs, do math problems from our "August Anguish in Andersonville" lesson plan, or study the geography of battles that lead to prisoners in Andersonville. You can also borrow copies of the park films. These will be mailed to you two weeks before your visit and can be returned when you arrive at the park. There is no charge.  
  6. Determine which activities you will do while on-site. Print off your self-guided tour materials or activity books as needed before arrival. Bring pencils and clipboards. Students should not use walls or clear cases for writing surfaces.
  7. Fill out your itinerary and have it ready when you arrive at the museum. If you are a self-guided group, simply replace the Ranger Tour with a second self-guided prison walk group and submit your group rotation itinerary to the park ranger.


Please contact us by phone at 229 924-0343 or email at to request a registration form. The Self-Guided Educational Field Trip Registration Form can also be accessed online. 


Last updated: January 23, 2023