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Structure and Function - Redwood Trees
(1st Grade: Lesson 3 of 3)

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Distance Learning at Redwood National and State Parks

Howland Hill Outdoor School has just released the first program in our new Distance Learning Video Series for Redwood National and State Parks. HHOS developed these programs to carry on the Every Kid in a Park initiative that was implemented for the Centennial Year of the National Park Service. These education programs give students who can’t visit Redwood in person the opportunity to learn about this amazing resource from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, giving every kid the opportunity to visit Redwood National and State Parks!


How it Works

The distance learning program at Redwood is something students and their teacher can do any time. Since this is not a live distance learning program, there is no need to schedule a time with a ranger. Our program has ranger led videos for students to watch, followed by activities that students do right in their classroom. 

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This video teaches students that like animals, plants have different structures they use to find the things they need to live; in addition, it shows four different plant structures (roots, bark, needles, cones) and their corresponding functions, using a Redwood tree as an example. Students will then complete Activity 5 with the park rangers.

Download Redwood Trees Structures and Their Functions

Print Activity 5 and place on the walls around the room. In the first round, park rangers will name a structure and the students will walk to the picture of that structure. In the second round, park rangers will describe the function of a structure and the students will walk to the picture of that structure.

Download Name the Redwood Trees Structures and Their Functions

Print out a copy of a BINGO card for each student- we have provided 25 bingo cards. Each square has the picture of a structure discussed in the videos. The teacher should call out the functions of those structures.

Download BINGO Cards

Thank you for using this video series in your classroom! Please take a respond to the questions below. Feel free to comment beyond AGREE or DISAGREE; thank you for helping us improve!

Download Virtual School Program Evaluation

Last updated: August 4, 2016