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Ocean Path Scavenger Hunt: Girl Scout Edition

Grade Level:
Lower Elementary: Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade

Minnesota GS Troop 18035 (ages 16-18) started fundraising back in October 2018 for travel funds. The girls worked hard to raise over $10,000 to cover all expenses, including food, transportation costs and lodging. They did this by offering GS badge earning events, organizing overnight camps at Apple Orchards, bagging groceries and even an evening cleaning a pig barn (not their favorite fund raiser by far!)

It was long planned to go to Costa Rica in 2020 for the country’s tropical weather, oceans, beaches, whales, and hiking.  Out of country travel became unrealistic due to Covid. After a full Democratic style voting between 8 choices (4 girls, 4 parents pitched travel destinations), Acadia and the East Coast won out. 

Acadia NP met all expectations. Tropical weather, beaches, hiking oceans but no whales. Truly a beautiful park to enjoy nature. 

As leaders, the park staff could not have been more helpful to come up with ways for the girls to earn the Girl Scout Ranger Patch without regular park programming.  Thank you to all the park staff, especially Kate, for her willingness to offer the troop great out of the box options. As leaders and parents who travelled with the girls, it is eternally satisfying to see the girls explore and expand their knowledge of the National Parks and their pledge to keep them clean and safe for the next generation. 

The girls created this interactive scavenger hunt for others to learn and explore Acadia. To participate walk the Ocean Path Trail from Sand Beach to Thunder Hole and see how many of these natural objects you can find! 


While walking the Ocean Path Trail on the Park Loop Road, observe the gorgeous scene around you with this fun scavenger hunt!

Download Ocean Path Scavenger Hunt

Last updated: October 15, 2021