Lesson Plan

Kids in Colonial Times

Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Social Studies
Lesson Duration:
60 Minutes
State Standards:
NC Standards: 3.H.1.3; 3.H.2.1; 4.H.1.3; 5.H.2.3; RI.3.5; RI.4.5; RI.5.5; CCR Anchor Standard W.2

Essential Question

How are kids from the Colonial/Revolution Era different than kids in the Modern Era?


Students we have been learning about the Revolutionary War Era, and today we are going to be learning about what life was like in the Revolutionary War Era for kids.


Teacher Notes:
(Teacher will read book about Kids in Colonial Times by Lisa A. Wroble, or you can read a book similar to your students. Show students Life as a Child in the 18th Century movie. Students will then write a post card from a kid in Colonial Times
perspective. Students can use read write think post card website to create postcard or create their own.
Students will then make a toss toy as a toy from the Colonial Era.)
Follow instructions


Gather sticks and book referenced


Download Postcard Template

Lesson Hook/Preview

Students today you will go back in time to find out what life would be like in the Colonial Era. You will research kids in the Colonial Era on www.ducksters.com. You will then use the information you gather from the website, book read and the video to create a postcard from the point of view of a kid in Colonial Era. You will need to write a postcard detailing what your day consists of during the Colonial Era, on the other side of your postcard you will create a postcard detailing what your day is like in Modern Times. We will then create a toy from the Colonial Era that kids played with.


Model writing a postcard and creating a toss toy.

*Create a postcard from the perspective of a child in the Colonial Era
*Create a postcard from the perspective of a child in Modern Times
Website: https://www.ducksters.com/history/colonial_america/daily_life_on_the_farm.php
(you may use information gathered from the movie, book and from the above link)

*Create postcard using

Or you can use the template.

Assessment Materials

Students can be assessed by work completed.

Supports for Struggling Learners

Differentiation: Lesson will be modeled for students, they will have written instructions, can work with a partner, and can draw pictures on their postcard to tell what a day was like, if they have trouble writing.

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