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The Battle of Harpers Ferry, 1862: Harpers Ferry is the Key!

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Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
Social Studies


When war broke out in April 1861, Harpers Ferry was still producing weapons for the U.S. Government, but that spring, the Confederates dismantled both weapons’ factories and sent the machines south. Yet Harpers Ferry remained important to the Union.

Teachers will find the following resources attached:

  • Outline of Civil War soldier, showing a fully-equipped soldier, but with nothing labeled.
  • List of items a Civil War soldier either carried or wore.
  • Map of Harpers Ferry and the area around it, including northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., much of Maryland, and south-central Pennsylvania. Map also includes railroad system in the East in the 1860s. The map can also be found online at: http://www.loc.gov/item/2007627328


Download Drawing of a Civil War Soldier

Download Soldiers' Food & Clothing List

Download Map of Northern Virginia and Maryland

Last updated: January 19, 2018