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Channel Islands Live Hike: Chumash Indians on the Channel Islands

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Science,Social Studies
State Standards:
California/History–Social Science—Grade 3: 2.2; Grade 4:4.2.1

Early Island Chumash had the same basic needs we have today, yet provided for them in different ways. Students participate in a live, interactive visit with a park ranger on Anacapa Island to learn how humans use the natural resources around them to provide their basic needs. A program goal is for students to develop an appreciation and stewardship of the American Indian culture on the park islands while learning about their own connections to the past.

Broadcast length: 30 minutes

Grade level: Third to Fourth

Objectives addressed:

  • Provide examples of goods and ecosystem services that were used by Chumash Indians on the Channel Islands.
  • Explain how Island Chumash adapted to their natural environment.
  • Explain how physical geography affected the natural resources upon which Island Chumash depended.

Essential question:

  • What basic needs are common to all living things?

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Last updated: September 2, 2016