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All About Bats

Grade Level:
Lower Elementary: Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade
State Standards:
2.W.2, 2.SL.1, 2.SL.2, 2.SL.5, 2.SL.6, 3.W.2, 3.SL.1, 3.SL.6

People have far more in common with bats than they realize, and people rely on bat populations throughout the world in a variety of ways. In this lesson, students will study the skeleton of a bat, learn about their special adaptations through games, discover why bats are important to our environment and find that bats are friends, not foes.


Download All About Bats Lesson Plan

Download Bat Skeleton Photo

Download Human Skeleton Illustration

Download Bat Pollinating Flower Photo

Last updated: November 21, 2023