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The Historic House Quiz!


Trying to Control the Wet Invaders!

For each question, please choose ONE answer.


Question 1.

The best time to discover how moisture is getting into your house is:

A. On a dry, sunny day.

B. When it's snowing.

C. During and after a big rain.

Question 2Question 2.

Which approach to drying out masonry walls will NOT help in the long run?

A. Setting your de-humidifier on a low to moderate setting.

B. Applying a waterproof paint or coating to the inside of your basement's masonry walls.

C. Reducing the amount of moisture in contact with your exterior walls by surface re-grading.

Question 3.

Probably the most efficient way to rid the basement of a chronic moisture problem is to:

A. Install an electric sump pump.

B. Add subsurface extension pipes to take downspout water away from your foundation.

C. Waterproof your exterior wall below grade, then install foundation drainage pipes.

Question 4.

Stopping roof leaks is best accomplished by:

A. Using an asphaltic compound (black tar) in selected areas.

B. Repairing roofing, parapets, and overhangs that allow moisture to get in.

C. Replacing your entire roof with all new materials.

Question 5.

If moisture collects on the inside of your windows in the winter:

A. Turn up the thermostat to dry out the interior.

B. Wipe the window glass to remove the excess moisture.

C. Find out what is causing it, then vent moisture to the outside.


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