Sunset Crater Volcano Museum Collections

Four people sit on yellow-white rocks high above surrounding desert and forest terrain. One of them is a park ranger. They group is on top of Sunset Crater Volcano. White clouds dot the blue sky above them.
Sunset Crater Volcano is named for iron-bearing cinders that turned red as they oxidized near the end of the eruption. Other rocks, containing different materials like sulfur, turned white and yellow instead.


Since the creation of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument in 1930, the National Park Service has collected photographs and specimens documenting the history of the park.

You can access Sunset Crater Volcano's collections through the NPS Museum Collections web site.

This searchable online database provides access to thousands of images and records from the National Park Service (NPS) museum collections. NPS museum collections include diverse disciplines and have unique associations with park cultural and natural resources, eminent figures, and park histories. Online visitors can perform simple or advanced searches by keyword, park name, object name, people, places, and date. Visitors can also browse or search collection highlights and park summaries.

Last updated: October 22, 2017

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