World War II Videos

Explore a few featured videos related to World War II. You can also visit the Multimedia Search for a wider selection of World War II-related videos, photos, and audio.

African American Heritage

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10 minutes, 40 seconds

A documentary about the Port Chicago disaster.

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4 minutes, 47 seconds

91 year old Harold Warren Jr. tells his son, Lee Warren, about serving as a "Buffalo Soldier" during WW II and his feelings about the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Wilberforce, Ohio. The original audio recording was done in November of 2015 and then produced to a visual film with photos from the Warrens and from the U.S. Army and Library of Congress. Audio interview recorded in partnership with StoryCorps. Learn more at

The Atomic Bomb

Prisoners of War

Military Training in Parks

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53 seconds

This historical footage features the 10th Mountain Division, which trained in the Paradise area of Mount Rainier during World War II. The video clip is an excerpt from Mount Rainier National Park's Human Use Video, which can be viewed at the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center in Paradise.

Exploring The USS Arizona

For more videos on the USS Arizona and the attack of Pearl Harbor, visit the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument Video Archive.

Japanese American Internment

Last updated: August 9, 2017

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