Did you know that you can see what’s happening live at parks without leaving your home? Webcams allow you to get up close to wildlife without disturbing them.

Watch the famous brown bears of Brooks River, go on a live dive in Channel Islands, or take a peek in a Bald Eagle’s Nest.

Screenshot of bear cam

Bear Cams

Visit Katmai National Park and Preserve's website to see the bears in action. July is the best time to watch bears fishing at Brooks Falls, and the cameras are live now! As many as 25 bears have been seen fishing on the Brooks Falls cam at the same time.

Screenshot of Ocean webcam

Oceans Cam

Explore more of Channel Islands National Park with their Live Ocean Webcam. Watch the soothing current move through the kelp forest. Maybe you’ll catch some marine wildlife cruising by! Channel Islands will also frequently hold live dives, where you can virtually join a ranger as they explore underwater in the park. Check the Channel Islands Live page for more information about live broadcasts.

Screen shot of bald eagle cam

Bald Eagle Nest Cams

Visit Channel Islands National Park’s website for an intimate view of a bald eagle nest. The first chick was hatched in the nest in 2006. Since then, the webcam has streamed images of the nest to millions.

Another bald eagle cam gives us a bird’s eye view into a nest at National Capital Parks - East. This nest is home to Liberty and Justice, a pair of eagles who have raised 11 hatchlings in an oak tree.


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