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The Application

The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program uses an application form. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Before filling out the application, read the application instructions. Once the application is complete, it can be sent via mail or digitally to the NPS Underground Railroad Regional Manager for your region. Applications are accepted twice a year by January 15 or July 15.

Benefits of Being Listed in the Network to Freedom

There are specific advantages to being listed in the Network to Freedom. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. Provide prestigious national recognition,
  2. Verify that there is a documented association with the Underground Railroad,
  3. Add to a national database of Underground Railroad history,
  4. Encourage and support local preservation efforts,
  5. Provide opportunities for networking,
  6. Provide eligibility for Network to Freedom grants,
  7. Provide access to technical assistance,
  8. Help promote tourism and economic development, and,
  9. Provide eligibility for National Park Service Passport Program.

Please note that approved applications and all supporting material will become the property of the National Park Service and will not be returned to the applicant. This material becomes part of the public domain and is accessible to the public.

What Listing in the Network Does Not

  1. Restrict use, alteration, treatment, transfer, sale or disposition of private property.
  2. Require that properties be maintained, repaired or restored.
  3. Require public access to private property.

Last updated: August 28, 2018