Let's Talk Turf!

Turf management is part science, part landscape design, part historic preservation, and part sweat. 

On behalf of the nation, the National Park Service manages the urban greens of the National Mall and the Statue of Liberty, the sacred grounds of battlefields and cemeteries, as well as recreation fields, goft courses, orchards, and everything in between. The skilled professionals of the National Park Service come from different backgrounds and are employed in a variety of career fields, but they come together to manage a diverse and challenging array of lawn and native grasses and famous landscapes. 

a red tractor in front of the US capitol building

Sustainable Turf Management

Sustainable turf management practices are easy to implement and have long term benefits for your turf, the earth, and your bottom line.

blue tractor in front of washington monument lays sod

About Our Turf

The NPS manages different places across the country, in different climates, with different grass species. Learn more!

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What We Do

Learn the ins and outs of how the National Park Service takes care of its turf resources.

Last updated: November 20, 2017