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a green tractor drags a mower in front of city
Mowing is the most important management tool in maintaining turf. Whether it is a formal lawn that gets mowed twice a week or a battlefield that gets moved twice a year. Mowing frequently can determine quality and density, moving height can prevent or encourage weeds along with drought tolerance. Blade sharpness can prevent disease.
streams of irrigation water shoot over grass in front of US capitol
Irrigation is the second most important management tool for turf grass. There are many types of technology available to deliver water to the plan to meet different site challenges. Too much water can rob the plant of much needed oxygen, while too little water can cause the turf to go dormant. Management of water is very important to a consistent attractive lawn.
in front of statue of liberty and bare trees, man pushes soil aerator
Grasses can live in all types of soils. From sand to clay, there is a turf type that is best for specific soils. But there never seems to be the perfect soil. So aerification, topdressing, fertility, and water management are all important to a healthy grass stand.
a red tractor in front of the US capitol building
Sustainable Turf Management
Choosing the right grass varieties and develop a fertilizer program are two keys to sustainable turf management.

Last updated: November 22, 2017