Travel Omaha, NE

This Hertiage Travel Itinerary explores several dominate themes of Omaha’s fascinating history since its founding in 1854. With nearly two-hundred entries in the National Register, it is a sampling Omaha’s historic properties rather than a comprehensive list. Many of the properties included in the itinerary are privately owned. Please respect the privacy and rights of property owners while enjoying these fascinating stories and places from the public right-of-way.

Downtown Omaha, c1930. Large downtown buildings, busy streets and sidewalks.
Discover the Historic Stories of Omaha

Travel through five stories and to dozens of places that have shaped Omaha's history and reflect that history today.

Map of property locations within the Travel Omaha itinerary. Color-coded by theme.
Travel Omaha, NE Map

Explore where each property in the Travel Omaha, NE itinerary is located.

Map, camera, magnifying glass, old photos, pencil and paper.
Research It!

Research these properties and other historic Omaha places through the National Register of Historic Places database.

Last updated: April 6, 2023