Manage & Improve Roads

Paved roads and parking areas are the largest portion (55%) of the National Park Service transportation system. They are used by the greatest number of the over 300 million visitors who visit NPS units every year and have the greatest amunt of deferred maintenance.

The NPS strives to improve condition of these high priority transportation assets. Using a proactive approach to pavement preservation and other asset mangement business practices, the NPS can maintain and improve this critical infrastructure for generations to come.

Pavement Management System

Pavement management helps identify potential road resurfacing, rehabilitation, and reconstruction projects, and assists transportation managers in in making informed decisions when selecting projects. The pavement management system uses data from the Road Inventory Program (RIP), which includes condition and inventory information on park unit roads.

The Road Inventory Program collects data by use of an automated road analyzer, which:

  • provides an inventory of paved road miles,

  • identifies pavement distress, and

  • determines the pavement condition rating of existing park roads.

This collected information provides the NPS staff with the information for effective road system planning, management, operations, and maintenance. A true pavement management system (PMS) goes beyond collection and assessment of pavement condition data as is done with RIP. When these data are analyzed in combination with modeled deterioration and treatment cost information, a PMS can generate sophisticated modeling results.

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    Last updated: January 31, 2018