Electronic Submission of Certification Applications


Applicants must sign the application cover sheet electronically. Three types of electronic signatures (e-signatures) are accepted:

  1. a scanned PDF of an actual, original wet-signed application,
  2. a scanned or digitized version of an actual, original handwritten signature, and
  3. a digital signature using a digital ID (e.g., using Adobe software). A name typed in a different font and other types of generated signature images are not accepted.

Applicants are not required to resubmit applications electronically if the application was submitted to the SHPO or the NPS prior to August 15, and review of the application is still in process. For example, if an application was submitted prior to August 15 and later put on hold for more information, and the applicant submits the additional information now, the additional information must be in the electronic format. The original application and submittals will remain hard copy, but any material submitted after August 15 must be in electronic format.

Please note that each SHPO has their own process for the submission of electronic applications to their office. Please check the SHPO website or contact the SHPO for information on their electronic submittal process.

Questions about the electronic submission process should be addressed to the State Historic Preservation Office or NPS_TPS@nps.gov.

Last updated: June 1, 2024