Southern Plains Network

Grassland at sunset at Capulin Volcano National Monument
Capulin Volcano National Monument


The Southern Plains Network (SOPN) is one of 32 National Park Service (NPS) inventory and monitoring networks nationwide that are implementing vital signs monitoring in order to assess the condition of park ecosystems and develop a stronger scientific basis for stewardship and management of natural resources across the National Park System.

The SOPN consists of 11 parks with diverse cultural and natural resources distributed across five states. Ecosystems include grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, riparian areas and aquatic systems ranging from lakes, rivers and perennial streams. Parks in the network range in size from 315 to more than 41,500 acres, and include four national historic sites, two national recreation areas, three national monuments, and two national historical parks.

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    Last updated: February 20, 2019


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