Welcome to the Southern Plains Network

The Southern Plains Inventory & Monitoring Network encompasses 11 national park units across the immense grassland landscapes of southeastern Colorado, central Kansas, northeastern New Mexico, most of Oklahoma, and a large swath of Texas.

One of 32 Inventory and Monitoring networks across the country, we gather and analyze information on specific park natural resources—the plants, animals, and ecosystems that can indicate the overall biological health of southern plains parks. The information we collect helps parks make sound, science-based management decisions that help us preserve these special places. 

A grassy area with the ruins of a mission at Pecos National Historical Park.
Our Parks

Our parks were founded for varying reasons, but for each, natural resources play a vital role in their past, present, and future.

Two field crew members in a grassy field, one observing, the other taking notes.
Our Science

Our ecologists use a variety of methods to inventory and monitor vegetation, water, climate, and certain mammals.

Last updated: January 20, 2023