Fast-Track Qualitative Feedback

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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) worked with agencies to create a fast-track process for information collections that focus on the awareness, understanding, attitudes, preferences, or experiences of customers or other stakeholders (e.g., delivery partners, co-regulators, or potential customers) relating to existing or future services, products or communication materials. The fast-track process allows agencies to submit such collections directly to OMB without posting a Federal Register notice.

What Falls Under Fast-Track Clearance?

Requirements for a Fast-Track Clearance include that:
  • Respondent participation is voluntary
  • No significant burden on respondents
  • Analysis of results does not require extensive statistical analysis
  • Public dissemination of results is not intended
Generally, the following collections fall under the fast-track process:
  • focus groups;
  • one-time or panel discussion groups;
  • customer satisfaction qualitative surveys;
  • post-transaction customer surveys;
  • online surveys; comment cards or complaint forms;
  • moderated, un-moderated, in-person, and remote usability studies;
Examples of collections that would not* generally fall under the fast-track process are:
  • surveys that require statistical rigor because they will be used for making significant policy or resource allocation decisions;
  • collections whose results are intended to be published in peer-reviewed journals or similar outlets;
  • collections that are intended for basic research and that do not directly benefit the agency’s service delivery.
  • any information collection designed to gather visitor satisfaction data related to social science themes (i.e, beliefs, values, or perceptions) of services offered.
* For collections that do not fall under the fast-track process, please refer to the NPS Programmatic Clearance Process.

For further guidance:
Link to FAQ for Fast Track Process from [pdf]

Last updated: January 12, 2017


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