Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Father and son hiking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Father and son hiking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

NPS Photo/Jackson

The Department of Interior’s (DOI) Customer Satisfaction Surveys allows DOI offices and bureaus to collect customer information using a streamlined process for approving the instruments used in the data collection. Any survey instruments under the authority of this clearance must focus solely on customer satisfaction data.

Any information collection designed to gather visitor satisfaction data related to social science themes (i.e, beliefs, values, or perceptions) of services offered are NOT permitted to use this route. Please refer to the NPS Programmatic Clearance Process.

Although no one survey will cover the same topic areas, the following subjects must be addressed in the submission:
  • Delivery, quality and value of product, information and services
  • Management Practices
  • Mission Management
  • Rules, regulations and policies
  • Interaction with DOI personnel and contractors
  • General demographics
Timelines for Requesting Approvals:
The request for approval should be made to DOI at least 45 calendar days prior to the first day the bureau/office plans to administer the survey instrument to the public (this does not include the review by the bureau clearance officer). The Office of Policy Analysis will provide an administrative and technical review of the submitted materials and notify the requesting bureau/office of the results. The Office of Policy Analysis will work with the bureau/office to make any necessary revisions before submitting the package to OMB for approval. Once OMB approves the instrument, the bureau/office will be notified. No survey instruments may be administered until OMB approval is received.
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Last updated: January 12, 2017


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