Individual Voices, Shared Histories

People's stories are among the most valuable resources that the National Park Service preserves and protects for future generations.

A women, seated at a dining room table, gestures over the park brochure in front of her.
Oral History Resources

Guidance, best practices, and resources for NPS oral history practitioners

 Col. Benjamin Oliver Davis presents a war bond to four airmen in front of a fighter jet, 1945
Oral History in Practice

Oral histories examples and uses from around the service

Two women in NPS uniform, Tina Short and Kym Elder, stand beside a door with two wreaths on it.
Spotlight on Oral History

A showcase of oral history interviews featuring some of the voices and experiences from around the National Park Service

Horseriders follow the Laguna Meadow Trail towards the Chisos Basin, Big Bend, in the 1940s.

Listen to recordings and read transcripts

Superintendent Kevin Cheri, in uniform, poses for a photo beside two winners of a race with medals
A Sense of Place

A podcast series produced by the National Park Service

Last updated: August 13, 2021