Latino Conservation Week

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Image designed by the National Park Service

Join us for Latino Conservation Week July 15-23, 2023! This annual celebration seeks to engage Latino communities (and everyone) in National Park Service recreational activities and stewardship that benefit their local communities and parks, and it emphasizes the community’s role in conservation. Join the National Park Service in strengthening opportunities for Latino communities to show their support and commitment for permanently protecting our natural, cultural, and recreational resources and inspire the next generation of stewards.

Join the celebration on social media by using #LatinoConservationWeek, #LCW2023 and #LatinoHeritage.

Park ranger helping kids stamp their passport book.
A park ranger helps new Junior Rangers stamp the certificate on their Junior Ranger activity booklet.

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Started in 2014, Latino Conservation Week is an initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation, an official National Park Service partner, to support the Latino community getting outdoors and participating in activities that protect our natural resources. Since its start, there have been hundreds of programs and special events nationwide to celebrate Latino heritage.

National Park Service parks, programs, and partners are hosting in-park and virtual events. The Hispanic Access Foundation can help you find a Latino Conservation Week event nationwide.

Infographic for ways to celebrate Latino Conservation Week; detailed alt text on the webpage Infographic for ways to celebrate Latino Conservation Week; detailed alt text on the webpage

Left image
Credit: Graphic designed by the National Park Service

Right image
Credit: Graphic designed by the National Park Service

Two graphics highlighting ways to celebrate Latino Conservation Week with an English-language (left image) and Spanish-language version (right image). A slider arrow that moves left and right allows people to see both images in their entireties.

Both images are titled "titled "Latino Conservation Week: July 16th - 24th".

The first suggestion includes an illustration of a person riding a bike. English text reads "Explore a park and recreate responsibly". Spanish text reads ""Explore un parque y diviértase responsablemente".

The second suggestion includes an illustration of two campers roasting marshmallows and playing guitar at a campfire near a tent. English text reads "Discuss shared conservation experiences". Spanish text reads "Intercambie ideas sobre conservación con su familia y amigos/as".

The third suggestion includes an illustration of a person looking at a ranger hat on a computer screen. English text reads "Learn about Latino leaders in the conservation field". Spanish text reads "Busque un evento sobre conservación al aire libre o en línea".

The fourth suggestion includes an illustration of a colonial Spanish mission with text reading "Research parks and historical sites with Latino heritage". Spanish text reads "Investigue parques y sitios históricos con herencia latina". 

Ways to Celebrate

  • Find a national park or your local park and learn more about the outdoors and how to recreate responsibly to keep these special places and each other healthy.

  • Research a park or place with Latino heritage to learn more about Latino relationships with public lands. Learn about Latino leaders in the conservation field both past and present.

  • Share the importance of Latino Conservation Week with family and friends and help inspire others to participate in conservation efforts. What shared experiences in conservation do you have? 

  • Work with other Latinos in your community to help national parks and other public lands through volunteer programs or individual volunteer projects. 

  • Go on your social media platforms and share Latino Conservation Week posts for everyone to see and get inspired! Use #LCW2022, #LatinoConservationWeek, and #LatinoHeritage

Visit A Park

Come outside and enjoy your national parks this Latino Conservation Week. But before you do, there are some tools you can use to help you navigate parks and events.
people gathering at park, with masks
Plan Like A Park Ranger

Parks are very busy this summer. A little trip planning can ensure that your only surprises are happy ones.

father and daughter enjoy lotus flowers
Find An Event

Find events that interest you at one of more than 400 national parks across the country!

two people looking at mountains while using a cellphone

Plan your trip and get around parks with interactive maps, tours of park places, on-the-ground accessibility information, and much more.

Ways to Get Involved

Don't limit yourself to only nine days during Latino Conservation Week! There are so many ways to enjoy your national parks and get involved in stewardship and conservation efforts year-round.
Bicyclist passing a trail marking on a wide dirt path in a grassy field
Explore the Great Outdoors

Find ideas for enjoying nature through endless recreational opportunities in national parks and your own neighborhood.

Boaters wearing life jackets
Join the #RecreateResponsibly Movement

Model best practices that protect America's treasures while looking out for each other's health and safety.

Three horse riders carrying a US, National Park Service, and trail flag
Learn Heritage and History

Explore stories of American Latino heritage found in national parks and communities through preservation programs.

AmeriCorps volunteer standing on a beach
Jumpstart a Career in Conservation

Check out various internship and volunteer opportunities for youth of all ages to get hands-on experience in conservation.

Youth group making seed balls in bins
Get Involved in Stewardship

Be active in conservation of public lands and your community through volunteer projects and citizen science.

Meet Latino Conservationists

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    You're invited to go out and explore the great outdoors during Latino Conservation Week!

    Kids Activities

    Children of all ages are welcome to participate in these activities specifically designed for them! With these activities we hope you get excited about exploring the outdoors and learn about Latino history and culture in the U.S. And we also want you to feel inspired to help us protect our lands for future generations!

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      Last updated: June 22, 2023