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Springs artwork produced by D. Caldwell for the National Park Service
A spring is where groundwater emerges on the surface of the earth. These flows may be small, ephemeral seeps or incredibly large, often creating rivers or lakes. Habitats that develop around springs are dependent on factors such as location, flow rate, temperature, and water quality. Springs typically support a wide array of flora and fauna and are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. They are found nationwide, including the arid southwest, the thermal springs of the west, and the iconic springs of Florida.

National Natural Landmarks illustrate the beauty and power of springs and the diverse landscapes they create. Some of these include:

Mammoth Spring, AR
Burney Falls, CA
Big Spring Creek, CO
Ichetucknee Springs, FL
Manatee Springs, FL
Rainbow Springs, FL
Silver Springs, FL
Wakulla Springs, FL
Big Springs, ID
Niagra Springs, ID
Harrison Spring, IN
Rise at Orangeville, IN
Big Bone Lick, KY
Green Spring, MO
Maramec Spring, MO
Pickle Springs, MO
Sunfish Pond, NJ
Hot Creek Springs and Marsh, NV
Ruby Marsh, NV

Last updated: March 17, 2022


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