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  • Stone carving of an angel
    Cemetery Conservation

    These cemetery conservation resources have been developed to help people and communities care for cemeteries and grave markers.

  • Damage from Hurricane Ike that struck Big Thicket National Preserve
    Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

    These resources have been assembled to help people mitigate risks to cultural resources when faced with a disaster.



NCPTT publishes preservation-related research, reports, proceedings, studies, publications, training materials, manuals, and more. You will find two lists of documents below.

First, those downloadable directly from the website. Second, documents being made screen readable to comply with ADA laws.

Publication Downloads
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Documents for Remediation

It is important to us that all of our resource materials are compliant with ADA laws and accessible to all users.The documents on this second list are those that need remediation for accessibility. If a document you seek is on this list please request a copy be sent to you by email. Your request will help us prioritize that resource.

Remediation List
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Last updated: December 7, 2023