Cemetery Conservation

These cemetery conservation resources have been developed to help people and communities care for cemeteries and grave markers. Whether you wish to clean the headstone of a loved on, volunteer to help clean cemeteries and monuments, or wish to learn more about conservation, weathering, and landscape maintenance, these resources can help guide you. Please check back as we continue to add to this online resource.

  • Jason Church demonstrates how to properly clean a marble gravestone.

    View practical how-to tutorials on how to properly clean grave markers, safely reset headstones, repair iron fences, and document.

  • Man uses ground penetrating radar in cemetery while others review data.

    Learn sound maintenance techniques for cemeteries that are sustainable, cyclic, non-invasive, and do no harm.

  • Stone carving of an angel
    Cemetery Preservation Course

    The following is intended to help support the understanding of methods and practices of preserving the resting place of our ancestors.

Last updated: March 21, 2022