Archeology & Collections

NCPTT’s Archeology and Collections program seeks to foster and develop technological innovations and applications that enhance the preservation of archeological sites, landscapes, materials, and collections.

Eons of the human past are unknown but for the record people left in the ground and across the landscape. Industrial and technological developments of the last two centuries have threatened this record to an unparalleled degree.

Even the process of doing archaeology takes its toll on the very resources from which we seek to learn about the past. Modern technological innovations have, however, given us the capability of protecting these finite materials and places in ways that once were unimaginable.

three rectangular brick structures aligned in a row, visitor center in background

Archeology & Collection Grants

The Preservation Technology and Training (PTT) Grants program provides funding for innovative research.

The rectangular ceremonial room inside Atsinna Pueblo showing a square wall recessed into the ground

Archeology & Collection Publications

Materials published by the Archeology and Collections program.

Two people sit in a boat while another tugs it along shallow waters, while a fourth tredges through

Archeology & Collection Training

A wide variety of virtual and in-person training opportunities

Puerco Pueblo Bird Petroglyph similar in shape to a white-faced ibis eating a frog with landscape .

Archeology & Collections Research

In-house research being conducted by Archeology & Collections Program

Last updated: November 3, 2021