National Water Trails

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About the Program:

The National Water Trails System is a network of water trails the public can explore and enjoy, as well as a community of water resource managers that can benefit from information sharing and collaboration. National Water Trails are a sub-set of the National Recreation Trails Program. National Water Trails has been established to protect and restore America’s rivers, shorelines, and waterways and conserve natural areas along waterways, and increase access to outdoor recreation on shorelines and waterways. The Trails are a distinctive national network of exemplary water trails that are cooperatively supported and sustained.

The National Water Trails System connects Americans to the nation’s waterways and strengthen the conservation and restoration of these waterways through the mutual support and cooperation of federal, state, local, and nonprofit entities by establishing a national system of exemplary water trails, becoming a catalyst for protecting and restoring the health of local waterways and surrounding lands, and building a community that mentors and promotes the development of water trails and shares best management practices.


Last updated: April 3, 2020