Teacher Resources: Chapter 9

Writing Prompts

Opinion: Karana was disappointed that she did not find spearheads in the chest. How difficult and time-consuming do you think it was for her to make her own hunting weapons? Consider the materials she had available to her and her prior knowledge about making weapons. Choose one method and support your choices using related ideas.

Informative/explanatory: Read through the Primary Source. Then list and describe using concrete details items mentioned that the Lone Woman may have used in her daily life. You may illustrate your list.

Narrative: Write a short story set on an island and titled “Finding Food on My Island Home.” Describe how your protagonist gathers and prepares his or her meals for the day. Which food resources are obtained from the ocean, and which are found on the island? Orient the reader by first describing the setting and introducing your character.

Lesson Plans

Cultural Taboos

Last updated: November 17, 2018