Teacher Resources: Chapter 29

Writing Prompts

Opinion: Karana willingly leaves the island to go to the mainland. Why do you think she made this choice? Reread the chapter for evidence of her thoughts and feelings. Support your point of view with reasons and information.

Informative/explanatory: In Island of the Blue Dolphins, Karana describes what she sees when the men from the ship approach. Make a list of what she notices about the men who arrive on her island. In his account, Carl Dittman describes what he sees as he first approaches the Lone Woman. Make a list of what he notices about her. Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary.

Narrative: You have been told that you will be moving to a home in a new town or city. Write a first-person narrative describing your thoughts and feelings as you pack up your belongings and prepare to leave. Your story may be real (based on your own experience) or imaginary. Use dialogue and description to develop your thoughts and feelings.

Lesson Plans

Saying Goodbye to Island of the Blue Dolphins
Disease Transmission

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