Teacher Resources: Chapter 28

Writing Prompts

Opinion: We know that the Lone Woman (Karana in the book) was left on the island for 18 years after the rest of her community departed for the mainland. Writers have offered numerous theories as to why it took so long before a ship came back to the island to find her. Why do you think it took nearly twenty years? Link opinions and reasons with words and phrases.

Informative/explanatory: What were the different ways that coastal American Indians used pitch (asphaltum)? Describe at least three. Link to the Glossary entry for asphaltum. You may want to use other print and digital sources to gather more information. Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to describe the topic.

Narrative: Describe the steps necessary to build either a ti’at or tomol. Include details about the materials used. Refer to Voices from the Field and other print and digital sources to gather information. Use a variety of transitional words and phrases to manage the sequence of events.

Lesson Plans

The Tools of Nature

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