Teacher Resources: Chapter 21

Writing Prompts

Opinion: The Aleut girl, Tutok, left Karana a necklace. Why do you think she gave her this gift? Use language that links your reasons (e.g., for instance, in order to, in addition).

Informative/explanatory: Describe details of a tall ship like those that carried sea otter hunters from Alaska to California in the 1800s (nineteenth century)? This illustration of the Il'Mena, the brig that brought Russians and Alaska Natives to San Nicolas Island in 1814, can provide information. Gather additional information from print and digital sources.

Narrative: You meet a person your age and when you speak, neither of you understands the other person’s language. Describe your encounter and how you communicate while making friends. Use language that shows feelings of each character.

Lesson Plans

The Cormorant Skirt

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