Primary Source: Chapter 6

Excerpt from Departmental State Papers, 1821-1846, Vol. IV (1835),” Internet Archive, ( accessed 10 December 2014), digital images, 21 November 1835, Los Angeles, Peor es Nada in San Pedro, p. 69 stamped (p. 68 penned); crediting Hubert Howe Bancroft Collection, University of California, Berkeley.

Translation from Spanish:

21 November 1835 Pueblo de los Angeles, Ignacio Maria Alvarado to [Antonio María] Osio: Requesting permission to embark (take on board) some barrels of liquor.

Be so kind as to give me a pass for two barrels of aguardiente (brandy) of the country and two barrels of angelica (a sweet wine mixed with brandy) that will be taken to Monterey on the Goleta (a small ship with two masts) Peor es Nada to be delivered to Don Gil Sanchez.

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