Primary Source: Chapter 12

Excerpt from Carl Dittman, “Narrative of a Seafaring Life on the Coast of California,” 1878, University of California, Bancroft Library, Berkeley. Manuscript C-D67.

From where I found the piece of drift wood I could see three huts further up the ridge and having gone up to them I found them constructed of whales’ ribs and covered with brush although they were open all around and the high grass growing within them showed that they could not have been occupied for some time. From this point I could look over the whole length and breadth of the ridge and sand flat beyond where I could plainly see our men moving around.

I began to look about me and finally discovered at a distance on the N.E. side of the ridge and about halfway to its top, a small black object that from where I stood looked like a crow seated on a bush. I thought I saw it move, and so went towards it. I soon discovered that it was the Indian woman. She was seated within an inclosure similar to those already described so that until quite near her I could only see her head and shoulders.

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