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Tim Hauf, timhaufphotography.com

Though Karana's home on San Nicolas Island is a creation of Island of the Blue Dolphins author Scott O'Dell, many of the animals, plants, people, and places are based on the actual Channel Islands, which you can explore and learn more about on this website.

Once you've journeyed through this web resource's features, you can visit the Channel Islands National Park website. Plan your visit to one of the park's five islands to see island plants, animals, and environments for yourself!

©Tim Hauf, timhaufphotography.com
About the Islands

Learn about all eight of the Channel Islands.

Island fox in brown grass. ©Tim Hauf, timhaufphotography.com

Learn about fascinating island environments and their inhabitants.

Map of San Nicolas Island.
Interactive Maps

Explore Karana's world as well as the present-day San Nicolas through interactive maps.

Last updated: November 8, 2018