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For additional information about Regions, see the DOI Unified Regional Boundaries map and the National Park Units within DOI's Unified Regions map.

National GIS Office

Geographic Information Systems Program
12795 West Alameda Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80228

Jennifer Carlino, Acting National GIS Program Manager

Regional GIS Offices

Regional GIS Coordinators provide a support network for activities across their region.

Interior Region 1 - North Atlantic - Appalachian
Timothy Layton, Acting GIS Coordinator

Interior Region 1 - National Capital Area
Cynthia Wanschura, GIS Coordinator
Interior Region 2 - South Atlantic - Gulf
Christopher Barrow, GIS Coordinator/Geographer
Interior Regions 3 - Great Lakes, 4 - Mississippi Basin & 5 - Missouri Basin
Reese Hirth, GIS Coordinator

Interior Regions 6 - Arkansas - Rio Grande - Texas - Gulf, 7 - Upper Colorado Basin & 8 - Lower Colorado Basin
Doug Wilder, GIS Coordinator

Interior Regions 8 - Lower Colorado Basin, 9 - Columbia - Pacific Northwest, 10 - California - Great Basin & 12 - Pacific Islands
David Quitevis, Chief, Information Technology and GIS Coordinator
Allen McCoy, Data Manager and GIS Specialist

Interior Region 11 - Alaska
Angie Southwould, GIS Coordinator and Database Specialist

Program and Park Offices

Program and Park Coordinators provide a support network for GIS activities in their offices.
Peter Bonsall, GIS Specialist

Cultural Resources
Deidre McCarthy, Chief, Cultural Resource GIS Facility

Dan LeMay, GIS Specialist

Skip Edel, Geospatial Fire Analyst

Harpers Ferry Center
James Eynard, Cartographer
Joseph Milbrath, Cartographer

Inventory & Monitoring
Natasha Antonova, GIS Speciliast with the North Coast and Cascades Network

Land Resources
Scott Thompson-Buchanan, Chief Cartographer

Natural Resources
Lisa Nelson, Ecologist and GIS Specialist

Vacant, GIS Coordinator

Last updated: January 12, 2022