This page introduces some of the literature most relevant to Geologic Heritage in the United States, including the topics of Heritage, Geodiversity, Geoconservation, Geoheritage, Natural Heritage, Heritage Areas, Nationally Significant Landscapes, Protected Areas, and Cultural Heritage.

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Books and Articles

Gray Geodiversity Cover
Gray, M. (2004) Geodiversity: Valuing and Conserving Abiotic Nature. John Wiley & Sons, LTD., West Sussex, England.

The standard in the field, Gray's name is dominant in the discussion of defining terms and concepts of geoheritge (concrete examples), geodiversity (quality), and geoconservation (endeavor).
Wimbledon Geoheritage Cover
Wimbledon, W.A.P. Smith, Meyer, S. 2012. Geoheritage in Europe and its Conservation. ProGEO. AIT Otta AS.

Provides a brief overview of protocol and management policies, and then a country by country description of the overall situation, history, legal basis, institutions, site elections, registration, management, protection, educational programs, maps, discussions, and references.
Harmon Full Value of Parks Cover
Harmon, D. A. Putney, 2003. The Full value of Parks: From Economics to the Intangible. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, INC. MD. USA.

A discussion of values that society ascribes to protected areas that takes us beyond primary human-use and economic values to a more holistic management approach that considers many intangible values.
Brocx Geoheritage Cover
Brocx, M. 2008. Geoheritage: from global perspectives to local principles for conservation and planning. Western Australian Museum. Welshpool DC WA.

Provides an overall treatment of the concept of geoheritage including a history of the international legal structure for geoheritage (w/ Australian and European leaning). A thorough description of the Australian experience is given, including the history of the organizations, legislation and policy tools.
Butowski National Historic Landmarks Geology
Butowski, H. Draft 1990. "National Historic Landmarks Geology Theme Study". NPS History Division. Washington D.C.
A proposal for the NPS thematic study of American Science to be completed by the National Historic Landmarks Survey of the NPS in compliance of the requirements of the 1935 Historic Sites Act. This theme covers the history of Earth Science in the U.S. and its associated places. [National Historic Landmarks Program PDF 433 KB]
Chape Protected Areas Cover
Chape, S. M. Spalding, M. Jenkins (ed) 2008. The World's Protected Areas: status, values and prospects in the 21st century. University California Press in association with UNEP-WCMC. Berkely and Los Angeles, CA.

This review for the World Parks Congress (5th) records the status of global protected areas, and assess conservation triumphs and challenges. An ecology-focused treatment of history, definitions, values, biodiversity, threats, and management stops short of addressing geology-specific diversity, conservation, or heritage.
Ellis Geological Conservation Review
Ellis, N.V. (ed) D.Q. Bowen, S. Campbell, J.L. Knill, A.P McKirdy, C.D. Prosser, M. A. Vincent, and R.C.L.Wilson, (1996) An Introduction to the Geological Conservation Review. GCR Series No. 1. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough.

Documents the pioneering role of the British Geologic Conservation Review (1977 to 1990) to identify and describe the most significant geologic sites in England with the express purpose of protecting this "Earth Heritage". This project introduced a systematic, scientific approach to the selection of heritage sites.
Seller Preserving Nature Cover
Sellers, R. 1997. Preserving nature in the national parks: a history. Yale University Press, New Haven and & London.

An excellent source on the history of National Park System natural resources and their interaction with the bureaucracy developed to manage these treasured sites. Original, in-depth research of agency documents provides true insights into the challenges of preserving natural resources, i.e. natural heritage, with competing public, political, and agency interests.
Burek History Geoconservation
Burek C.V., C.D. Prosser, (ed) 2008. The History of Geoconservation. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 300. London UK.

Provides an introduction to the history of the geoconservation activity and a definition of geoconservation as action taken with the intent of conserving and enhancing geological and geomorphological features.
Prosser Geological Conservation
Colin Prosser, Michael Murphy and Jonathan Larwood 2006. Geological conservation: a guide to good practice. English Nature
Dowling Geotourism cover
Ross Dowling and David Newsome (ed.s) 2006. Geotourism. Elsevier Publishers.
Newsome Geotourism cover
David Newsome and Ross Dowling (ed.s) 2010. Geotourism: The Tourism of Geology and Landscape. Goodfellow Publishers Limited.
GSA Logo
Hill, W. 2010. GSA Position Statement: Geoheritage. GSA Today April/May 2011.
A statement outlining the rationale for protecting geologic areas, public policy aspects, recommendations, and opportunities for members to help implement recommendations.

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